• 1.5″ White OLED Display In Mass Production

    1.5″ White OLED Display In Mass Production

    Today we started production of 50000pcs 1.5″ monochrome oled display . which is one the best selling items among all the OLED display modules. It’s been applied to white goods, like ovens, dishwashers,fridges, gadgets like tire meter, energy meter, and plenty of consumer electronics. ...
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  • New OLED Contract With Branded Telecommunication Company On Bracelet Watch Phone

    Haresan offers a wide range of standard monochrome and full-color Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (PMOLED) displays(0.49″ 0.66″ 0.69″ 0.87″ 0.96″ 1.3″ 1.5″  1.6″  1.8″ 2.4″) as well as 4 active Matrix AMOLED( 0.95″,1.39...
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  • Blue Color Polarizer LCD Display

    A customer design a LCD with light blue background.Blue backlight can not meet his requirement. Then we made blue polarizer in the rear of LCD.
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  • Quality Training

    Friday Evening, we held a quality training for our Bonding section staffs.The purpose is improve FOG semi-products yield rate and production effeciency. Put the qualitymind into staffs’ heart. Our boss and quality manager made detailed courses: 1.Material control 2. Progress control 3. Pers...
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  • Brazilian Clients Visiting Us

    With great honor to be in reception of our new clients from Brazil. LCD display will be used in electronic shower. They are a wonderful company with fast development speed. In some field, they are the number one supplier in the country. R&D ability is really high. I believe we shall have a gr...
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  • Introduction To Liquid Crystals

    The study of liquid crystals began in 1888 when an Austrian botanist named Friedrich Reinitzer observed that a material known as cholesteryl benzoate had two distinct melting points. In his experiments, Reinitzer increased the temperature of a solid sample and watched the crystal change into a ha...
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  • Positive LCD And Negative LCD

     Positive And Negative LCD Screens LCD Screens are available in two options. Positive mode (dark letters on a light colored background) and negative mode (light colored letters on a darker background). This is the  blog exploring advances in segment display technology and showing how it remains ...
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  • Aging Test Of OLED Display

    LCD module Aging Test is crucial to test the final quality. Electrocorrosion is the most serious problem of COG LCD and OLED.  If without aging test,  ITO line defect would happened when clients install or consumers used. Aging test main idea is test the ITO line. After our quality control, the d...
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  • Polarizer For LCD Display

    The choice of LCD Polarizers depends on the type of lighting conditions your display will operate in, no difference in cost or lead time between a Reflective, Transflective or Transmissive polarizer. Display type:Transmissive(Pic.1),Reflective(Pic.2),Transflective(Pic.3) If it is transmissive,w...
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