Monochrome LCD With Touch Function Inside/New Technology

Haresan Touch LCD DisplayHaresan Monochrome LCD Display with TouchIn-cell technology and on-cell technology was developed for TFT LCD by Apple. We utilize it in our monochrome LCD with a little difference.

In the past days, to meet some clients touch function requirement, it always adds a resistant touch panle over LCD display. The cost is high and production procedure complicated. In 2015, inspired by TFT new technology, we find it is easy to make our monochrome with capacitive touch function. In-cell and On-cell technology can be used by us.

After half year experiment, we successed in in-cell technology. But laterly, we found it has some shortage. Then on-cell technology was discussed on the table.

With the experience from in-cell tehcnology, on-cell technical LCD finished very fast.

Therefor, if anybody wants his device equiped with touch function in monochrome LCD display, such as  Glucose meter, vacuum, refrigerator,  just contact with us. We can make your products in higher class.


Post time: Jun-28-2019
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