New OLED Contract With Branded Telecommunication Company On Bracelet Watch Phone

Haresan offers a wide range of standard monochrome and full-color Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (PMOLED) displays(0.49″ 0.66″ 0.69″ 0.87″ 0.96″ 1.3″ 1.5″  1.6″  1.8″ 2.4″) as well as 4 active Matrix AMOLED( 0.95″,1.39″,5″, 5.5″). OLED display technology has many advantages such as ultra-thin designs (no backlight), wide viewing angles, and fast, temperature independent response times. In addition to the standard OLED products, Haresan also has the capability to design and supply custom OLED display solutions, including simple FPC modification, custom OLED panel design and production, and integration with touch screens.

Recently , Haresan had agreement with a famous telecommunication company of producing round amold on bracelet watch phone.  We are happy to see the market of OLED is growing gradually.



Post time: Sep-21-2018
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