Polarizer For LCD Display

The choice of LCD Polarizers depends on the type of lighting conditions your display will operate in, no difference in cost or lead time between a Reflective, Transflective or Transmissive polarizer.

Display type:Transmissive(Pic.1),Reflective(Pic.2),Transflective(Pic.3)

If it is transmissive,we must turn on the backlight for the display to be readable; If it is transflective,we can turn ON/OFF the backlight for the display to be read; If it is reflective,no need backlight.

When the backlight ON,the display using trasmissive polarizer will be brighter than the one using transflective polarizer; When the backlight OFF,the display using transmissive polarizer is very dim,and the one using transflective polarizer is more easier to read.

Post time: Sep-21-2018
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