Haresan Newest AMOLED Display

An AMOLED (Active-Matrix OLED) is a thin-film-display technology that contains a layer of organic compounds that light up when hit with an electrical current. They are self-emissive, meaning they don’t need a backlight. AMOLEDs consume less power than PMOLEDs, have faster refresh rates and allow building larger display with higher resolutions. AMOLEDs are also more complicated and expensive to fabricate.

Haresan AMOLED Standard List.jpg

AMOLED Advantages:

High resolution

Rich colors

True blacks

Great wide viewing angles

Amazing contrast

Fast response time

Very thin

Good sunlight readability

Low power consumption

AMOLED Disadvantages:

High cost for customizations

Higher cost

Small sizes

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Post time: Sep-21-2018
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