#23 LCD BIG DIGITS for your Arduino using I2C – Easy!

Using an LCD display is very easy using the I2C communications bus (just two wires plus power). Creating custom digits that take up two lines is also very easy and I show you exactly how to do that here.

So now your temperature gauge can now be read from across the other side of the room!

Step by step example of how to create a simple, single custom character first, then we use that knowledge to create further custom characters that we put together to make some BIG DIGITS.

The two demo code sketches (just copy them into a folder of EXACTLY the same name in your sketches folder) are linked below. You’ll have great fun tinkering with the shapes of the characters – can you make it look better than mine? (Rhetorical question, of course not!!!)

Here are the links to the two demo sketches and the Liquid Crystal I2C library:


Remember, for the second sketch you need to send any character from the Serial Monitor window (by pressing SEND) to move on to the next part of the demo).

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Post time: Oct-17-2017
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