Controllo di qualità

Applicare attrezzature avanzate, tecnologia e buoni materiali che sono principalmente importati da Giappone, Taiwan, e Germany.All i materiali devono essere esaminati prima di entrare in factory.We hanno un rigoroso sistema di controllo di qualità, che

is supervised by our specialty QC department.It's a dedicated,executive and professional team, which share One Eighth of all company staff.There are 22 examine spots,5 quality check spots in the all producing procedure.A new product mustpass through auditing twice by Quality manager and Engineer manager,and must be approved by customer before we start mass production.Production is operated by well trained and skillful workers.

Environment Reliability test:High temp Storage,Low temp storage,High temp and high humidity test, Temp cycles test,Vibration shock test,and other test as your requirement.


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